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Identity Summit Amsterdam 2015

2015 Amsterdam Identity Summit

November 22, 2015 – By Rob McDonald

2015 ForgeRock Amsterdam Identity Summit Recap

The second of the three European Identity Summits, hosted by ForgeRock, took place in Amsterdam, at the Conservatorium. A great event and our venue hosts went above and beyond to get everyone comfortable. The great success of this event wouldn’t have been possible without our partners; CDO Summit, and our sponsor Accenture!

The day provided a great mix of industry experts, ForgeRock leaders, and ForgeRock customers that provided insights into their experiences on the road of digital transformation.

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Mike Ellis

CEO, ForgeRock

Floris van den Dool

Managing Director Information Security Services Europe, Africa and Latin America, Accenture

David Birch

Director of Innovation at Consult Hyperion

Ant Allan, Ph.D.

Research Vice President, Gartner Research


Wiebe Niehof

Technical Product Manager of the KPN Grip platform

Benjamin Mantei

Security Consultant for IAM, Swisscom

Jan van Zoest

CTO HealthSuite Digital Platform at Philips Healthcare

Andy Hall

Director of Product Management, ForgeRock

Daniel Raskin

SVP Product Management, ForgeRock

Ilja Heitlager

Information Officer, Schuberg Philis

David Mampaey

Service Manager, Federal Public Service for Information and Communication Technology, Belgium

Rob Ojevaar

Identity & Access Management Architect, PWC Everett

Joachim Andres

Product Management Director, ForgeRock

John Barco

VP Product, ForgeRock

David Mathison

Curator at Chief Digital Officer Summit, Founder at CDO Club

Markus Weber

Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, ForgeRock

Pieter Paul van Oerle

Digital Transformation & Innovation lead, Accenture Digital

Jens Sonnentrücker

Head of Identity Access Management & Governance, Swisscom

Videos from the Amsterdam Identity Summit

Welcome and Keynote: ‘Using Identity to Empower CIOs’

Mike Ellis, CEO, ForgeRock

Today, CIOs, CDOs and CISOs are collaborating on new revenue generating projects that would have seemed impossible a few years ago. Technology is changing how we do business; as IT professionals, we must rethink how we select and use technology to serve our customers. In this talk, Mike will discuss the digital transformation and how identity management in particular plays a critical role in providing more secure and personalized services to our customers.

How to Maximize Return on Identity in a Brave New World

Daniel Raskin, VP of Strategy and Marketing, ForgeRock

Every digital initiative requires identity. Whether it be IoT, Cloud, Mobile, or Enterprise initiatives, identity is required. Identity is also more than security. It is a core differentiator that uses identity attributes and context to transform how people engage your business. A foundational element of digital services, identity management can help you to improve customer engagement, drive a seamless omnichannel experience and reach new market segments. Building on Mike’s opening session, Daniel will outline how to re-think your company’s “Return on Identity” strategy to be customer-focused and capable of satisfying the emerging requirements of the digital transformation age.

Thinking About What’s Next

David Birch, Director of Innovation at Consult Hyperion

It’s always really hard to think about what’s coming next in any industry, but when it comes to identity the question is especially complex because there’s a whole new dimension just around the corner. We haven’t yet solved the problem of identity for citizens, employees and consumers and now we’re going to have to solve a much bigger problem: identity for things. In a connected world, everything has identity, everything develops reputation and everything takes part in relationships. ID for the Internet of Things (#IDIoT) is fascinating, scary and difficult: that’s why I’ll be exploring it in this presentation.


Jan van Zoest, CTO Healthsuite Digital Platform – Philips Healthcare

Digital Transformation Panel Discussion

Pieter Paul van Oerle Digital Transformation & Innovation lead, Accenture Digital
Jan van Zoest CTO HealthSuite Digital Platform at Philips Healthcare
Jim Evans Former VP Wonga.com, RBS, HomeServe
Aled Miles Executive Vice President & GM, ForgeRock
David Mathison Curator at Chief Digital Officer Summit, Founder at CDO Club


In this session, Aled will lead an interactive discussion on digital transformation and its impact on business strategy. The quest for the digital customer is driving technology change across the enterprise. Gartner predicts that by 2017, CMOs will outspend CIOs on technology. The panel discussion will focus on the partnership between marketing and IT that is required for a successful digital transformation. The panel will also discuss the challenge of meeting the ever-expanding requirements of the digital customer.

Tale of Two Views: B2C vs. B2E

Floris van den Dool, Managing Director Information Security Services Europe, Africa and Latin America – Accenture

Find out what the major dynamics and differences between these two identity use cases are, what’s really important to each, what’s really not! We’ll also cover what are the implications of design decisions (i.e. social authN, identity analytics) and if a customer can really use a single IAM platform to enable both use cases. Throughout the discussion, we’ll highlight what are the noteworthy benefits for ForgeRock Partners, ForgeRock Customers and ForgeRock Customers’ Customers.

Stepping Up to New Data Protection Challenges

Markus Weber, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing – ForgeRock

Existing notice-and-consent paradigms of privacy have begun to fail dramatically – and people have begun to notice. Now that Edward Snowden has burst our privacy bubble and IoT devices are recording our every move, it’s time for companies to break out of the privacy-as-compliance rut. In this session, learn about the User-Managed-Access (UMA) standard, ForgeRock’s OpenUMA project and how ForgeRock is developing solutions to ensure privacy and trust in the digital world.

The Identity Broker as Driver for Growth

Benjamin Mantei, Security Consultant For IAM – Swisscom

Jens Sonnentrücker, Head Of Identity Access Management & Governance – Swisscom

One of the most famous brands and by far the biggest telco provider in Switzerland, Swisscom takes a very pro-active approach to security and creating a trusting environment for its customers. Because Swisscom provides such a broad range of services – landline and mobile phone, mobile payments, cloud data hosting, health records storage and so much more – it required powerful Identity and Access Management (IAM) capabilities.

The company’s security vision and overall goal was all about data protection, privacy and sharing, yet also to give subscribers the power to determine what to share, with whom and through the channel of their choice. To implement this vision, the company built out its own Swisscom Cloud architecture with an Identity Broker (IDB) component powered by ForgeRock technologies. The intent was that the identity broker would fulfill the following basic requirements:

  • Single point of authentication for cloud users.
  • Single point of integration of external IdPs
  • Single point of authorization for protected web APIs

The goal for Swisscom was to be able to offer one ID Broker for all services, so that subscribers essentially would be able to “Bring Your Own Identity” (BYOI). If not done this way, each application or service offered by Swisscom would have required a connection with each IDP. By implementing a ForgeRock solution, Swisscom was able to reduce costs spent on administration and significantly upgrade ease of use for the customer base, while also increasing sharing options across service offerings.

Digital Identity in Action Panel Discussion

Marius von Spreti Infrastructure Consulting and Security Executive, Accenture
Jens Sonnentrücker Head of Identity Access Management & Governance, Swisscom
André Thelen Regional Vice President DACH, ForgeRock
Martin Kuppinger Gründer, Autor und Prinzipal Analyst KuppingerCole Research, KuppingerCole


This panel will discuss why identity is a critical element to enabling digital transformation. Each panelist brings a different perspective on how they have implemented identity to drive change across their organization. Moderated by Daniel Raskin, VP Strategy and Marketing at ForgeRock, the discussion will focus on lessons learned as well as how to plan for the future of identity and the impact of IoT.

CTO Technology Preview

Lasse Andresen – CTO, ForgeRock

A technology preview from our CTO office – don’t miss it!

What People Are Saying about The Identity Summit

I’m very inspired, and I hope when I return home, to pick up these things that I’ve learned and seen and do something with them in our business.

Paul Saraber, Enterprise Architect, Portbase

The variety of things covered here – there is something for everyone. My notebook are just crammed with notes and “must remember this,” “must go and speak to these people.” By sharing and getting this good stuff out there, we can change the world and make it better.

Robert Lapes, Identity Analyst, Capgemini PLC

This is absolutely the best conference I attended this year. It was really packed with good presentations, excellent content, and right on the spot for my needs.

Sebastian Rohr, CTO and Managing Director, accessec GmbH