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Thank you all who attended and contributed to making Identity Live in Austin a great event! You can find session videos below, select decks on our Slideshare, and top tweets on Storify.


Catch up on the best moments from Identity Live 2017 at ACL Live in Austin, Texas! Panels, demos, Jimmie Vaughan, and much more.

ForgeRock CEO Keynote

Mike Ellis, CEO, ForgeRock.

Back in the day, identity and access management was simple. Every company had internal systems, like payroll, and every employee had a login to each one. The system would check identity and look to see what they had access to.

Now, IAM platforms can assign a digital identity to represent individuals company-wide, whether they’re an employee, a customer, or someone else, so they only have to log in once. In fact, whether logging in from a mobile phone, computer, wearable device, connected car, or appliance, this digital identity stays the same.

A successful Digital Identity System of Record gives companies a simple way to consolidate and manage all these identities, all while protecting and personalizing the customer experience. Mike goes over the history as well as today’s requirements.

Securing Customer Interaction Anytime, Anywhere (Alexa Demo)

Chris Kawalek, Director, Product Marketing, and John Kimble, Distinguished Customer Engineer, at ForgeRock.

Demo starts at 17:54.

Any organization that has a digital, online presence needs identity to provide context-conscious security and a personalized experience for users, whether customers, citizens, employees, or the connected devices, things, and services they use.

In this Alexa-integrated demo, you’ll see that security is not just a matter of credentials like username and password; it’s a matter of circumstances. Does this customer usually access her account from this location, at this time?

There are lots of ways to verify the legitimacy of her identity and her access rights. The key is knowing when to ask.


Identity Objects in Mirror May Be Closer Than They Appear (Donut Demo)

Daniel Raskin, SVP Product Management, ForgeRock.
The Donut Demo starts at 21:12

The identity world is evolving … again. The growth of IoT endpoints is outpacing the scale of standard identity platforms. More non-traditional things are now given digital identities. New device protocols force identity platforms to become proficient in “foreign languages,” in order to communicate with next-generation devices and services. The identity use case of yesteryear is gone: We need to reinvent what a typical identity deployment looks like. In this session, we will explore this changed world and discuss how identity needs to adapt.

Panel: IoT the Next Big Thing

A lively panel discussion on the internet of things featuring:

– Stacey Higginbotham, IoT Journalist
– Andy Rhodes, VP and GM, IoT, Dell
– Lasse Andresen, CTO and co-founder, ForgeRock

Moderated by Mike Ellis, CEO, ForgeRock

Macy's Case Study: Password Reset Portals

Password Reset Portals: It Won’t Make You a Rockstar, but it Can Make You a Legend

Chad Cromwell, Director of Enterprise Identity Technology, Macy’s and Alex Bolante, Digital Identity Lead Partner, Deloitte.

It’s no secret. People are really bad at passwords. But they aren’t going away any time soon. Manual password resets can be a hassle and barrier to productivity, but sharing one password among users is also not a good way to tackle those issues. With more applications requiring passwords to be created in a hurry, it’s no wonder many people still use 123456. At the same time, the computing power available for password cracking just gets bigger.

In this session, we will demonstrate how Macy’s Inc. engaged Deloitte to deploy a digital password reset portal for its corporate and store employees, contractors, and partners using ForgeRock Technology. From using NIST Digital Authentication guidelines as a template for developing a password reset capability that creates a frictionless user experience, we will discuss ways you can be a legend in your organization.

Cox Case Study: Balancing User Experience & Security

Stuart Keener, Director of Technology, Cox Communications and Brian Mozinski, Director IT Security, Privacy, and Risk, PwC.

As a leading digital organization, Cox is constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience without sacrificing privacy and security. This session will show how Cox achieved both. Collaborating with PwC and ForgeRock to enable advanced authentication for technicians in the field, Cox made it easier for corporate users to seamlessly access enterprise applications. A dynamic identity and access management platform was the key to engaging customers and improving business processes.

Inside the Mind of Luke Wilson

Actor, producer, and writer, Luke Wilson, discusses how the role of “identity” and privacy in his personal and professional lives.

Why the GDPR is Digital Economy's New Rock and Roll

Chiara Rustici, independent GDPR analyst.

In this engaging, zero-PowerPoint keynote, Chiara pulls no punches in explaining how the law works: how Europeans got where they are now in their privacy convictions; how legislative compromise often results in legal vagueness; how a litigation mindset may lead enterprises into poor commercial choices; and how organisations in scope of the GDPR will have to make a business call between implementing the spirit of the law or merely the letter.

She gives a memorable breakdown of the key data protection principles and explains their impact on the wider context of the market for “white-label consented data” (data brokers), and audience segmentation and other predictive analytics (profiling) services.

The end goals of her talk is to illustrate how the upcoming EU data protection rules will demand much more than good information governance practices but, rather, a whole new playbook for the digital economy.

We Know What You Did Last Summer (and Last Night)

Stacey Higginbotham, IoT journalist.

As we add the internet to more devices, we’re also making more information about ourselves available online. Not necessarily to the public, but to family, marketers, and even law enforcement. What are we sharing? With whom? And what should we do about it?

A Conversation with Scott McNealy

Mike Ellis, CEO, ForgeRock interviews Scott McNealy, CEO, Wayin, and former CEO, Sun Microsystems.

Scott discusses digital transformation, customer experience, privacy, and much more.

Identity Platforms Beyond the Backend

An Opportunity to Monetize Digital Customer Relationships

Neil Chapman, SVP Industries, ForgeRock and Daniel Raskin, SVP Product Management, ForgeRock.

You still need to protect employees in the digital age, but the real opportunity for digital transformation lies in using identity not just to protect employees, but to get to know, interact with, and connect to prospects and customers across any channel–whether cloud, social, mobile, or the Internet of Things (IoT).

Customer Identity Management requires going above and beyond a secure login. From a security perspective, you need continuous security that follows the user throughout their entire session.

And as customers share data, from demographics to preferences to buying habits, you can use it to create authentic, engaging customer experiences that lead to lasting customer relationships. Better yet, you can earn customer trust while meeting privacy regulations like GDPR, by giving customers control over who has access to their data and for how long.

The Business Ecosystem as a Neighborhood

Lisa O’Connor, Global Security R&D lead, Accenture Labs.

Businesses operate in a digital ecosystem that’s ever more connected, collaborative and complex. That means becoming a “self-sustaining enterprise.” What does this mean? Think about the business ecosystem as a neighborhood. A self-sustaining enterprise understands and responds to who’s moving in and out, what they’re doing, and what threats they present. Understand and navigate new relationships in order to perform as effectively as possible while managing risk at an optimal level.

The Future of Identity...Cars, Drones, and You

Ashley Stevenson, Identity Technology Director, ForgeRock.

Identity doesn’t just represent a person: in the age of the internet of things, every individual device, machine, appliance, you-name-it that’s connected to the internet has an identity.

With a Digital Identity System of Record in place, you can establish secure relationships between the digital identities of people, people and things, and between things themselves.

Across the board, from utilities to services and everything in between, secure smart devices can now improve the quality and responsiveness of products and services we use.


Mike Ellis

CEO, ForgeRock

Luke Wilson

Actor, Producer, Writer

Merritt Maxim

Senior Analyst, Forrester

Scott McNealy

Former CEO & Co-Founder, Sun Microsystems & Chairman, Wayin


Lisa O’Connor

Global Security Research and Development Lead, Accenture Technology Labs

Stuart Keener

Director of Technology, Cox Communications

Chad Cromwell

Director of Enterprise Identity Technology, Macy's Inc.

Andy Rhodes

Vice President and General Manager Internet of Things (IoT), Dell

Chiara Rustici

Independent GDPR Analyst. Author: "Applying the GDPR: Privacy Rules for the Data Economy

Neil Chapman

SVP Industries, ForgeRock

Daniel Raskin

SVP Product Management, ForgeRock

Alexander Bolante

Digital Identity Lead Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Eve Maler

VP of Innovation & Emerging Technology, ForgeRock

Ashley Stevenson

Office of the CTO, Identity Technology Director, ForgeRock

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