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Thank You For Attending

Thanks to everyone who made Identity Live London a smashing success! We broke attendance records and were treated to great presentations from the likes of HSBC, Amer Sports, and Origo. We’d like to extend a special recognition to our partners who helped us put on the summit, we couldn’t do it without your support. 

You can find the session videos below, the recap blog here, select decks on our Slideshare, and top tweets on Storify.


ForgeRock CEO Keynote

ForgeRock CEO, Mike Ellis

Mike gives us his view on “Digital Identity’s Next Act” as digital transformation, regulations, and the Internet of Things change the way organizations do business.

Fireside Chat with Scott McNealy

Mike Ellis, CEO, ForgeRock interviews Scott McNealy, CEO, Wayin, and former CEO, Sun Microsystems

Scott discusses digital transformation, customer experience, privacy, and much more.

Amer Sports - Becoming OmniChannel

Marko Orenius, Director, Digital Business Platform, Amer Sports Digital Services

Amer Sports is a world-leading sporting goods company with internationally recognized brands and is a manufacturer of apparel and equipment for athletes around the world. Digitalisation is now impacting the sports industry and consumer expectations of service, at both the retail and individual training level. Amer Sports views the coming disruption as an opportunity and is building capabilities to compete in an omnichannel marketing environment. Therefore, sports equipment IoT development is a high investment priority. Digital identities are at the core of this change and technology is allowing a new enterprise architecture to emerge. The way forward requires distinct thinking in the areas of privacy, security and scalability.

Monetising Digital Customer Relationships

Daniel Raskin, SVP Product Management, ForgeRock

You still need to protect employees in the digital age, but the real opportunity for digital transformation lies in using identity not just to protect employees, but to get to know, interact with, and connect to prospects and customers across any channel–whether cloud, social, mobile, or the Internet of Things (IoT).

Customer Identity Management requires going above and beyond a secure login. From a security perspective, you need continuous security that follows the user throughout their entire session.

And as customers share data, from demographics to preferences to buying habits, you can use it to create authentic, engaging customer experiences that lead to lasting customer relationships. Better yet, you can earn customer trust while meeting privacy regulations like GDPR, by giving customers control over who has access to their data and for how long.

Panel Discussion - The Evolving Role of Identity in Digital Transformation

To take the next step beyond implementing digital versions of existing analogue processes, we need an identity infrastructure. A digital identity infrastructure. This panel will explore different options for that infrastructure and discuss who might make it a reality: governments, banks, mobile operators, internet giants or a start up that none of us have thought of!

Moderator: David Birch – Director of Innovation at Consult Hyperion


  • Matt Grest – Director of Platform, BBC
  • Dan Farrell – Managing Director, Digital Integration Europe, Accenture Digital
  • Rimma Perelmuter – CEO, Mobile Ecosystem Forum


Profiling on Trial: Personal Data, From Use to Abuse

Chiara Rustici, Independent GDPR Analyst and Eve Maler, VP of Innovation & Emerging Technology, ForgeRock

Where does a user account end and GDPR-regulated profiling begin? The distinction is critical for your business. In this session, listen to GDPR analyst Chiara Rustici and ForgeRock VP of Innovation, Eve Maler, debate what user experiences you’re building into your apps right now that fall under the GDPR rules for profiling. Some activities that you may be wondering about:

  • A/B testing
  • Personalisation
  • Marketing segmentation

NB: Please note this session is paid for educational content; Chiara Rustici’s collaboration with ForgeRock does not amount to an endorsement of any of its’ products or solutions

What Have I Got and Where Is It? Identity, Attributes and UMA for a Pensions Dashboard

Kenneth May, Lead Architect, Origo

The Pensions Dashboard project is an important and exciting initiative for the UK consumer with an immense social purpose. It has the potential to significantly improve retirement planning, financial inclusion and consumer engagement with the pensions industry. Origo is working with ForgeRock and the wider industry to bring an enabling infrastructure to market. The solution will securely identify the consumer before orchestrating a search of pensions across the industry. Today we will provide a tour of the project to date. We’ll cover the architecture for identity, attribute exchange and resource sharing; bringing this to life with a demonstration.

The Future of Identity... Cars, Drones and You

Ashley Stevenson, Identity Technology Director, ForgeRock

Identity doesn’t just represent a person: in the age of the internet of things, every individual device, machine, appliance, you-name-it that’s connected to the internet has an identity.

With a Digital Identity System of Record in place, you can establish secure relationships between the digital identities of people, people and things, and between things themselves.

Across the board, from utilities to services and everything in between, secure smart devices can now improve the quality and responsiveness of products and services we use.

HSBC Customer Identity Management - Democratised and Commodotised

David Knott, Chief Architect, & Ian Sorbello, Head of Product Technology – Security – HSBC Digital Solutions

David and Ian discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with managing customer identity management at HSBC, one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world. With over 37 million customers spread across 37 different markets, digital identity has become a strategic initiative for HSBC in order to modernise infrastructure and build stronger relationships with their customers.

This session covers HSBC’s path to consolidating on a single digital identity solution, as well as a few of the reasons why they chose ForgeRock including standards support, biometrics, and API security.

UMA-N League

At London Identity Live we turned it up to ELEVEN with the debut performance of a new spin-off from the core ForgeRock Band: the UMA-N League! They joined us for “One Night Only”!
The band members are an All-Star, All-ForgeRocker line up:
Lead Vocals: Eve Maler 
Guitar: Jonathan Scudder 
Sax: Adam Featherston
Keyboards: Lasse Andresen 
Bass & Backing Vocals: Fraser Wallace 
Drums: Jasmine Taylor 
Backing Vocals:  Dolores Rodriguez, Christine Notarianni & Tim Rault-Smith 
with Special Guest Star:  Mike Ellis, CEO, ForgeRock


David Knott

Chief Architect, HSBC

Ken Hughes

Leading Consumer & Shopper Behaviouralist, Playologist & Keynote Speaker

Ian Sorbello

Head of Product Technology – Security – HSBC Digital Solutions

Marko Orenius

Director, Digital Business Platform, Amer Sports Digital Services

Mike Ellis

CEO, ForgeRock

Scott McNealy

Former CEO & Co-Founder, Sun Microsystems & Chairman, Wayin


Kenneth May

Lead Architect, Origo

Rimma Perelmuter

CEO, Mobile Ecosystem Forum

Dan Farrell

Managing Director, Digital Integration Europe, Accenture Digital

Stuart Hodkinson

RVP, UK & Ireland, ForgeRock

Matt Grest

Director of Platform, BBC

Chiara Rustici

Independent GDPR Analyst. Author: "Applying the GDPR: Privacy Rules for the Data Economy

Daniel Raskin

SVP Product Management, ForgeRock

Eve Maler

VP of Innovation & Emerging Technology, ForgeRock

Ashley Stevenson

Office of the CTO, Identity Technology Director, ForgeRock

David Birch

Director of Innovation at Consult Hyperion





Lisa Hill, IT Manager, Allianz

“I always look forward to the ForgeRock summit as it provides the opportunity to see how identity management is viewed and implemented in other companies and organisations. There are always interesting and engaging speakers with thought provoking messages, giving an insight into the direction that the industry is moving.”

Emma Lindley, Managing Director, Innovate Identity

“Great speakers combined with detailed insights into real world identity implementations means the ForgeRock conference always manages to strike a balance between entertaining and informative.”

*Unless otherwise stated, all comments are personal and not representative of the company

Lee Taylor, IT Infrastructure Technical Team Leader, University of Exeter

“ForgeRock Identity Summit 2016 brought a refreshingly different take on what can sometimes be a pretty unsexy subject! A good mix of sessions with some interesting guests speakers, a good dose of humour and some great networking opportunities. All wrapped up in a historic central London location with good facilities and excellent catering.”

Sue Dawes, Europe Program Manager, OIX UK

"OIX welcomes the opportunity to support our member ForgeRock at this years summit. These events are timely and valuable to the identity community, providing new insights to both the current state of play and future directions. I look forward to hearing from our many members that are speaking at the summit as well as networking with them and the other visitors during the day."