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New York City


May 25-26, 2016

Tech Track

May 25th

Renaissance New York Hotel 57

130 E. 57th St., New York, NY

Business Track

May 26th


409 E. 59th St., New York, NY

Thank you

We’ve wrapped up another successful Identity Summit! A big thank you to our phenomenal speakers, sponsors, and attendees.

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Matt Devost

President and CEO, Fusion X

Suzanne Kelly

CEO, Cipher Brief, and former CNN Intelligence Correspondent


Daniel Raskin

SVP Product Management, ForgeRock

Mike Ellis

CEO, ForgeRock

Victor Ake

VP Customer Innovation & Co-founder, ForgeRock

Fran Moore

Vice President, The Cipher Brief, and retired Central Intelligence Agency Executive

Alexander Bolante

Digital Identity Lead Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Eve Maler

VP of Innovation & Emerging Technology, ForgeRock

Jeff Bagby

VP, Collaboration, Thomson Reuters

Dan Blum

Principal Consultant, Security Architects Partners, and Senior Analyst, KuppingerCole

James Ashfield

Senior Director, Digital Products, Capital One

Dean Morstad

Sr. Manager, Systems Development, MoneyGram International

Allan Foster

VP Strategic Partner Enablement, ForgeRock

Jamie Nelson

SVP, Global Engineering, ForgeRock

Ashley Stevenson

Office of the CTO, Identity Technology Director, ForgeRock

Ludovic Poitou

Product Management Director, ForgeRock

Warren Strange

Director, Customer Engineering, ForgeRock


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Videos from the New York Identity Summit


Mike Ellis, CEO, ForgeRock

ForgeRock CEO Mike Ellis kicked off the Business Track event with a brief “state-of-the-union” overview of what’s been happening at ForgeRock.


Suzanne Kelly, CEO, Cipher Brief, and former CNN Intelligence Correspondent

Suzanne Kelly is CEO & Publisher of The Cipher Brief and most recently served as CNN’s Intelligence Correspondent before spending two years in the private sector. She also worked as an Executive Producer for CNN and as a news anchor at CNN International based in Berlin and Atlanta. In Berlin, she anchored a morning news program that was broadcast live in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and from Atlanta, she anchored a number of world news programs. She covered the NATO campaign in 1999 from Kosovo and Macedonia.


Matt Devost, President and CEO, Fusion X

FusionX was founded to address a critical market demand for objective and integrated risk management services and products. The FusionX team has been working together for over 15 years to provide the highest quality technical, intelligence, and security consulting services to international corporations and governments. The company works in every critical infrastructure sector and for the top commercial and government customers in the world. From start-ups to Fortune 10 companies and from small regional government entities to foreign heads of state, FusionX has the requisite experience to help organizations engage in contextual threat management.

Everyone’s a screenager. Now what?

Alexander Bolante, Managing Director, Accenture Security & Risk

Digital’s everywhere. Hyper-connected, embedded, increasingly intelligent: consumers can’t imagine a life without it. The new digital lifestyle spans all age groups. It’s multi-screen, multi-function and multi-device, and it’s shaping a new world of experiences. Bottom line? Everyone’s a screenager.

But they’re also experiencing growing pains, and they’ll switch providers when quality and/or usability don’t measure up. Digital loyalty must be earned every day, and consumers are more cautious than ever about whom they share their data with. Trust is ultimately becoming the new digital currency.

In this session, as screenagers demand more, better, easier, faster, safer… we explore five mega-trends that show identity at the center of every digital experience.

Identity Summit Panel: Digital Identity in Action

Moderator: Mike Ellis, CEO, ForgeRock.

This panel discusses why identity is a critical element to enabling digital business. From architect to analyst, each panelist brings a different perspective on identity and how it can impact the organization. Moderated by Mike Ellis, CEO of ForgeRock, the discussion focuses on lessons learned as well as how to plan for the future of identity and the impact of IoT.

Jeff Bagby, VP, Collaboration, Thomson Reuters

Dan Blum, Principal Consultant, Security Architects Partners, and Senior Analyst, KuppingerCole

Dean Morstad, Sr. Manager, Systems Development, MoneyGram International

Doing Authorization, Consent, and Delegation Right with UMA

Eve Maler, VP of Innovation & Emerging Technology, ForgeRock

Consumers are often bombarded with opt-in “requests” to share their personal data, losing trust as they assent. Often, employees treat access controls as obstructive, finding routes around them to be able to do their jobs. New regulatory regimes and the digital economy are spurring fresh needs for proper delegation, privacy, and trusted digital relationships.

How can we answer these needs across enterprise, customer, cloud, and smart device contexts? The User-Managed Access (UMA) standard, built on OAuth and OpenID Connect, promises to address these needs without so many tough compromises.

In this session, Eve Maler, will share insights and lessons learned from active PoCs that require a new generation of privacy and consent. Learn how UMA can be applied to authorization, consent, and delegation scenarios across a wide variety of sectors, and how the ForgeRock Identity Platform is delivering a practical UMA solution today.

Capital One Case Study

James Ashfield, Senior Director, Digital Products, Capital One

Identity: The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

Daniel Raskin, SVP Product Management, ForgeRock

The demands of digital business are driving the need for a different type of identity platform. One architected for not only securing the online experience, but also to enrich it. In this session we will outline a different way of architecting identity and the new requirements an identity platform must address including contextual identity, customer data management, micro-services, privacy and consent, and the IoT. This session will also provide an update on the ForgeRock platform and our vision for the future.

Continuous Security

Ashley Stevenson, Office of the CTO, Identity Technology Director, ForgeRock

With a higher velocity of threats and fraud impacting IT security professionals, the traditional access management model has been given an end of life notice. Authentication and authorization are not one time events but continuous and dynamic based on context, events, location etc. Organizations also have to rethink inside versus outside the firewall, employee versus customer, password versus multi-factor. In this session, ForgeRock will provide an overview of the ForgeRock continuous security story and why this is important to addressing the new threat landscape.

What People Are Saying about The Identity Summit

I’m very inspired, and I hope when I return home, to pick up these things that I’ve learned and seen and do something with them in our business.

Paul Saraber, Enterprise Architect, Portbase

The variety of things covered here – there is something for everyone. My notebook are just crammed with notes and “must remember this,” “must go and speak to these people.” By sharing and getting this good stuff out there, we can change the world and make it better.

Robert Lapes, Identity Analyst, Capgemini PLC

This is absolutely the best conference I attended this year. It was really packed with good presentations, excellent content, and right on the spot for my needs.

Sebastian Rohr, CTO and Managing Director, accessec GmbH