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Tim Sheedy
Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Delivering a “Customer First” Business with Digital Identity

Today it’s all about the customer. And right after customer focused initiatives, business and technology leaders are prioritising the ability to improve innovation. They know that the disruptions they face in the age of the customer will not be addressed with business as usual. Innovation has been elevated to an initiative, which means that executives are focused on it.

Identity and IoT are the first steps to be taken to ensure that the initiatives are pivotal in their success. Being able to verify identity – both of people and of things – is critical for the IoT: Are they real? Are they who they say they are? Where are they? What are they able to do? While machines do not care about privacy, they – and their owners and operators – do care about who is able to program, operate, or control them.

In this presentation, Tim Sheedy will discuss how organisations are tackling the challenges of the IoT and customer first initiatives and how identity is playing an ever-increasing role in their success.