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Eve Maler
VP of Innovation & Emerging Technology, ForgeRock

Doing Authorisation, Consent, and Delegation Right with UMA

Consumers are often bombarded with opt-in “requests” to share their personal data, losing trust as they assent. Often, employees treat access controls as obstructive, finding routes around them to be able to do their jobs. New regulatory regimes and the digital economy are spurring fresh needs for proper delegation, privacy, and trusted digital relationships.

How can we answer these needs across enterprise, customer, cloud, and smart device contexts? The User-Managed Access (UMA) standard, built on OAuth and OpenID Connect, promises to address these needs without so many tough compromises.

In this session, Eve Maler, will share insights and lessons learned from active PoCs that require a new generation of privacy and consent. Learn how UMA can be applied to authorisation, consent, and delegation scenarios across a wide variety of sectors, and how the ForgeRock Identity Platform is delivering a practical UMA solution today.

Les consommateurs sont souvent bombardés de ” demandes ” opt-in pour partager leurs données personnelles , avec pour sanction la perte de confiance . Dans cette session , Eve Maler , partagera des idées et des enseignements tirés de PoCs actifs qui nécessitent une nouvelle génération de vie privée et de consentement . Vous découvrirez comment UMA peut être appliqué à une autorisation , le consentement et les scénarios de délégation à travers une grande variété de secteurs , et comment la plate-forme d’identité ForgeRock délivre une solution pratique UMA aujourd’hui.