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Mike Ellis
CEO, ForgeRock

ForgeRock CEO Keynote

Mike Ellis, CEO, ForgeRock presents at Identity Live 2017 in London.

Back in the day, identity and access management was simple. Every company had internal systems, like payroll, and every employee had a login to each one. The system would check identity and look to see what they had access to.

Now, IAM platforms can assign a digital identity to represent individuals company-wide, whether they’re an employee, a customer, or someone else, so they only have to log in once. In fact, whether logging in from a mobile phone, computer, wearable device, connected car, or appliance, this digital identity stays the same.

A successful Digital Identity System of Record gives companies a simple way to consolidate and manage all these identities, all while protecting and personalizing the customer experience. Mike goes over the history as well as today’s requirements.