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Mike Ellis
CEO, ForgeRock

ForgeRock CEO Keynote

We’re all familiar with traditional identity and access management. Many companies have mastered the process of providing employees with access to internal systems, like payroll, email, ERP, and CRM. However, the growth of the internet has changed the way organizations interact with their customers, moving the relationship online. To meet this new reality, companies need a way to manage customer identities to build trusted relationships across all digital channels, at massive scale. This has led to the rise of customer identity and access management (CIAM) solutions to meet these new requirements. And to further complicate the situation, there’s the explosion of the internet of things (IoT) to contend with. Your connected car, sports equipment, medical devices, and wearables all need identity too and traditional approaches need not apply!

What this calls for is a modern approach to digital identity management that is capable of not only fulfilling legacy use cases like IAM, but CIAM and IoT as well. In this visionary keynote, Mike reviews the history of digital identity and considers the new reality that digital businesses face in our increasingly connected world.