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Ken Hughes
Leading Consumer & Shopper Behaviouralist, Playologist & Keynote Speaker

Harnessing the Digital Consumer Revolution

As Digital transformation continues to disrupt every industry, the consumer demand for personalisation puts pressure on effective identity management systems. Achieving the kind of personalisation that the millennial consumer expects requires a new customer engagement strategy, and the systems to support it.

During this session Ken will challenge business survival and growth through the lens of the future consumer. He will look at the social and cultural forces digital has brought to humanity, and how continuing changes in consumer expectations have forever changed the game for every brand and business.

Today’s consumer expects a frictionless and seamless experience at every touch-point, has little tolerance for failure but will become a tribal brand fan if you get it right. They expect to be recognised, acknowledged as the individuals they are, and demand you predict their needs.

Disruption is a positive force if you harness what is happening around you, but it is a destructive one if you ignore the changing nature of this game. The fundamentals of what consumers value has shifted. It makes sense to shift with it.