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Neil Chapman
SVP Industries, ForgeRock

Daniel Raskin
SVP Product Management, ForgeRock

Identity Platforms Beyond the Backend: An Opportunity to Monetize Digital Customer Relationships

You still need to protect employees in the digital age, but the real opportunity for digital transformation lies in using identity not just to protect employees, but to get to know, interact with, and connect to prospects and customers across any channel–whether cloud, social, mobile, or the Internet of Things (IoT).

Customer Identity Management requires going above and beyond a secure login. From a security perspective, you need continuous security that follows the user throughout their entire session.

And as customers share data, from demographics to preferences to buying habits, you can use it to create authentic, engaging customer experiences that lead to lasting customer relationships. Better yet, you can earn customer trust while meeting privacy regulations like GDPR, by giving customers control over who has access to their data and for how long.