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Graham Williamson
APAC Director & Senior Analyst, KuppingerCole

Know (and Serve) Your Customers

With the acceleration of digital transformation we are rapidly entering the age of Connected Customers. Our IDM and CRM strategies are converging as we transition to a customer identity access management (CIAM) approach. As this happens we are broadening our understanding of identity and access management to include not only staff and business partners, but customers as well. This is equally important for government with the need to expose on-line services to citizens. A key focus of CIAM is to ‘know your customer’, but we need to go beyond that to ‘Know and Serve Your Customer’. We now have the ability to do so much more in understanding our customers, serving their needs and protecting their interests.

The technology is in place, from the corporate point of view it’s never been easier to understand our customer’s preferences, to develop meaningful programs to suit their requirements and to measure the results. Now we need to focus on the customer experience. With the cloud delivering equal services to everyone at an affordable price our competitive advantage cannot be reached simply by better IT and lower costs, we need to realign our focus from a customer’s perspective.

This keynote will look at societal trends and the methods available to identify members of the public as they connect to on-line services. It will advise on the issues to be addressed when empowering users but at the same time ensuring consumer data is adequately managed and protected in order to avoid unnecessary risk when exposing services on the Internet.