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Chad Cromwell
Director of Enterprise Identity Technology, Macy's Inc.

Alexander Bolante
Digital Identity Lead Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Macy’s Case Study: Password reset portals: It won’t make you a rockstar, but it can make you a legend

It’s no secret. People are really bad at passwords. But they aren’t going away any time soon. Manual password resets can be a hassle and barrier to productivity, but sharing one password among users is also not a good way to tackle those issues. With more applications requiring passwords to be created in a hurry, it’s no wonder many people still use 123456. At the same time, the computing power available for password cracking just gets bigger.

In this session, we will demonstrate how Macy’s Inc. engaged Deloitte to deploy a digital password reset portal for its corporate and store employees, contractors, and partners using ForgeRock Technology. From using NIST Digital Authentication guidelines as a template for developing a password reset capability that creates a frictionless user experience, we will discuss ways you can be a legend in your organization.