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Chiara Rustici
Independent GDPR Analyst. Author: |gq2|Applying the GDPR: Privacy Rules for the Data Economy

Eve Maler
VP of Innovation & Emerging Technology, ForgeRock

Merritt Maxim
Senior Analyst, Forrester

Panel Discussion: The Evolving Role of Privacy in Digital Transformation

Journey along with industry experts and guest panelists Eve Maler (VP of Innovation, ForgeRock), Merritt Maxim (Senior Analyst, Security and Risk, Forrester) and Chiara Rustici (Independent GDPR and EU privacy analyst) as they discuss how to tackle privacy – and more specifically GDPR – concerns en route to digital transformation. Listen to this panel for insight on:

– How GDPR impacts organizations even if they’re based outside the EU
– Top privacy concerns of professionals like you
– Leveraging privacy regulations for a ‘leg up’ on the competition