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Jean-François Dupitier
Entreprise Architect, Pôle emploi

Christophe Lemaire
Project Manager, Pôle emploi

Customer Presentation – Pôle emploi

Pôle emploi focuses on innovation and digital services to boost the job market, support job seekers and advise companies on their recruitment process. In July 2015, the Emploi Store (www.emploi-store.fr) was launched and today it refers nearly 300 web and mobile services dedicated to the world of employment. At the same time, Pôle emploi is part of an innovative approach with the opening of the Job Developer Store (www.emploi-store-dev.fr). Through this platform, the data produced and/or referenced by Pôle emploi in the shape of APIs are made available to start-up’s and companies to promote the creation of innovative services. It was, therefore, necessary to provide a simplified and secure management of identities and access in order to protect the data of users and to comply with new regulations such as GDPR. Pôle emploi chose the ForgeRock Access Management platform because of its maturity based new protocols and its scalability. Today, Pôle emploi extends deployment to all its services.