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Tim Leberecht
CEO and Founder, Leberecht & Partners

The Multiple Self: Customer Identity In The New Romantic Age

Tim Leberecht, marketing visionary and author of the international bestseller “The Business Romantic,” argues that we are entering a second romantic era in response to the second machine age. As algorithms and AI seek to standardize and optimize our interactions, he observes a new customer desire for raw emotion and authenticity, for fluid identities and multiple selves that defy the conventions of uniformity and consistency. In his special guest keynote, he explores what this means for digital identity management: What are the privacy implications? How will customer agency change as AI changes human agency? How can we marry AI and emotional intelligence? How can we use emerging technologies like Blockchain, VR/AR, and conversational user interfaces to design for the “multiple self”? Drawing as much from his humanist background as well as his 15 years in the design and innovation industry in Silicon Valley, Tim provides a thought-provoking outlook on the future of identity in times of exponential change.