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Kenneth May
Lead Architect, Origo

What Have I Got and Where Is It? Identity, Attributes and UMA for a Pensions Dashboard

The Pensions Dashboard project is an important and exciting initiative for the UK consumer with an immense social purpose.  It has the potential to significantly improve retirement planning, financial inclusion and consumer engagement with the pensions industry.  Origo is working with Forgerock and the wider Industry to bring an enabling infrastructure to market.  The solution will securely identify the consumer before orchestrating a search of pensions across the Industry.   Today we will provide a tour of the project to date.  We’ll cover the architecture for identity, attribute exchange and resource sharing; bringing this to life with a demonstration.

Origo’s Corporate Profile

Origo is a not-for-profit, FinTech company dedicated to improving outcomes for consumers by transforming the financial services industry’s operating efficiencies. By bringing together different industry organisations and groups in a non-competitive environment, Origo identifies and addresses cost and efficiency issues.

Origo’s Pension Finder service powers Pensions Dashboards. As a development partner of the HM Treasury’s Pensions Dashboard project, Origo is working on behalf of the industry to enable consumers to safely find their pensions and return their information complete with valuations to their dashboard screens.

Thanks to Origo’s Options Transfers service, pensions transfer times have dramatically reduced from c.50 working days to 11 calendar days, providing smooth, fast and safer transfers for consumers.

Origo is responsible for range of industry solutions ranging from legal frameworks, online and security services as well as standards.

Find out more: www.origo.com