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Chiara Rustici
Independent GDPR Analyst. Author: |gq2|Applying the GDPR: Privacy Rules for the Data Economy

Why the GDPR is Digital Economy’s new Rock and Roll

In this engaging, zero-PowerPoint keynote, Chiara pulls no punches in explaining how the law works: how Europeans got where they are now in their privacy convictions; how legislative compromise often results in legal vagueness; how a litigation mindset may lead enterprises into poor commercial choices; and how organisations in scope of the GDPR will have to make a business call between implementing the spirit of the law or merely the letter.

She gives a memorable breakdown of the key data protection principles and explains their impact on the wider context of the market for “white-label consented data” (data brokers), and audience segmentation and other predictive analytics (profiling) services.

The end goals of her talk is to illustrate how the upcoming EU data protection rules will demand much more than good information governance practices but, rather, a whole new playbook for the digital economy.