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Wim De Waele

CEO, Eggsplore


Wim De Waele is CEO at Eggsplore, which he founded in September 2015 with Jurgen Ingels, serial entrepreneur and former founder of Clear2Pay. In September 2016, Philippe Mauchard (founder of Mckinsey Solutions) joined as the third managing partner.

Eggsplore is an organization that acts as coordinator and catalyst for the FinTech ecosystem, by providing a number of business and logistical services and by providing a face for the community through educational and network events and a Brussels based entrepreneurial hub that houses FinTech organizations and companies. Eggsplore connects the dots in Fintech.

Prior to founding Eggsplore, Wim was the founder and Chief Executive Officer at iMinds, a digital technology research center and incubator which started in 2004 and that he grew to a 50 Mio Euro organization by 2015. iMinds specializes in interdisciplinary research and development in the software sector, working with companies and other partners on the newest technologies in domains such as networking, media, security and healthcare. Under his management iMinds built a successful seed fund and incubator, which got him nominated as one of the top 100 most influential accelerator leaders.