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Until Next Time, Sydney!

Thank you all who joined us at Identity Live in Sydney! Excellent presentations and conversations around digital identity and the future of the industry. Truly exciting to see the event grow year after year as our presence expands in the region. Special recognition to our partners, Accenture, Deloitte and Cyberinc for their support.

View the session slides on SlideShare and the recordings below. Also check out the highlights from our two days in Sydney on Storify!


Mike Ellis, CEO, ForgeRock

We’re all familiar with traditional identity and access management. Many companies have mastered the process of providing employees with access to internal systems, like payroll, email, ERP, and CRM. However, the growth of the internet has changed the way organizations interact with their customers, moving the relationship online. To meet this new reality, companies need a way to manage customer identities to build trusted relationships across all digital channels, at massive scale. This has led to the rise of customer identity and access management (CIAM) solutions to meet these new requirements. And to further complicate the situation, there’s the explosion of the internet of things (IoT) to contend with. Your connected car, sports equipment, medical devices, and wearables all need identity too and traditional approaches need not apply!

What this calls for is a modern approach to digital identity management that is capable of not only fulfilling legacy use cases like IAM, but CIAM and IoT as well. In this visionary keynote, Mike reviews the history of digital identity and considers the new reality that digital businesses face in our increasingly connected world.

The Business Ecosystem as a Neighbourhood

Michael Dowling, APAC Identity Lead, Accenture

Businesses operate in a digital ecosystem that’s ever more connected, collaborative and complex. That means becoming a “self-sustaining enterprise”. What does this mean? Think about the business ecosystem as a neighbourhood. A self-sustaining enterprise understands and responds to who’s moving in and out, what they’re doing, and what threats they present. Identity is key to understanding and navigating new relationships in order to perform as effectively as possible while managing risk at an optimal level.

Monetising Digital Customer Relationships

Daniel Raskin, SVP Product Management, ForgeRock

You still need to protect employees in the digital age, but the real opportunity for digital transformation lies in using identity not just to protect employees, but to get to know, interact with, and connect to prospects and customers across any channel–whether cloud, social, mobile, or the Internet of Things (IoT).

Customer Identity Management requires going above and beyond a secure login. From a security perspective, you need continuous security that follows the user throughout their entire session.

And as customers share data, from demographics to preferences to buying habits, you can use it to create authentic, engaging customer experiences that lead to lasting customer relationships. Better yet, you can earn customer trust while meeting privacy regulations like GDPR, by giving customers control over who has access to their data and for how long.

Securing Customer Interactions Anytime, Anywhere

Andrew Latham, Director Customer Engineering, ForgeRock
Featuring Michael Watson, Pre-Sales Solution Manager, Daon

Identity is the key to providing compelling products and services for customers. Digital services are leveraging internet of things (IoT) devices–health sensors, home lighting, commercial building control, connected vehicles, and so on–but security, privacy and consent is a major concern. To provide a secure connected experience for customers, you need a holistic identity strategy, where “identities” represent not just humans, but devices, things, and services, and you also need to harness the complex relationships between them. Customers need assurance their interactions with IoT devices are secure, and they need control over how all of their data is used and shared. Learn how you can solve these and other challenging customer identity and access management (CIAM) problems today, and be ready for the identity challenges of the future with ForgeRock.

Power to the People: GDPR, Trust and Data

Allan Foster, VP Strategic Partner Enablement & Eve Maler, VP Innovation & Emerging Technology, ForgeRock

Bringing data protection, transparency and control to individuals is an essential part of the digital transformation journey. Evidenced not only by regulation, but also through the business innovation that drives truly trusted digital relationships between consumers and service providers. Hear how relationships are facing the same evolutionary pressures in the digital world as were faced in the physical world, and how ultimately they require the same civilised conventions.

Panel: The Evolving Role of Privacy in Digital Transformation

Moderated by Mike Ellis, CEO, ForgeRock

– Victoria Richardson, Chief Strategy Officer, Australian Payments Network
– Richard Addiscott, Director, IT Planning, Governance & Security, Curtin University
– Marta Ganko, Director, Privacy and Data Protection Lead, Deloitte
– Peter Van Dijk, Managing Director, Galexia

In this panel industry experts share their insights to tackle the privacy concerns impacting organisations and governments en route to digital transformation. Each panelist brings a different perspective on:

– How regulations (such as GDPR and The Privacy Act) impact digital transformation adoption
– Empowering end-users with rich consent and privacy capabilities
– Ensuring privacy and security for IoT and connected devices

The Future of Identity...Cars, Drones and You

Ashley Stevenson, Office of the CTO, Identity Technology Director, ForgeRock

Identity doesn’t just represent a person: in the age of the internet of things, every individual device, machine, appliance, you-name-it that’s connected to the internet has an identity.

With a Digital Identity System of Record in place, you can establish secure relationships between the digital identities of people, people and things, and between things themselves.

Across the board, from utilities to services and everything in between, secure smart devices can now improve the quality and responsiveness of products and services we use.


Ian Sorbello, Head of Product Technology – Security – HSBC Digital Solutions

Ian discuses the challenges and opportunities that come with managing customer identity management at HSBC, one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world. With over 37 million customers spread across 37 different markets, digital identity has become a strategic initiative for HSBC in order to modernise infrastructure and build stronger relationships with their customers. Ian covers HSBC’s path to consolidating on a single digital identity solution, as well as a few of the reasons why they chose ForgeRock including standards support, biometrics and API security.


Michael Dowling

APAC Identity Lead, Accenture

Tim Sheedy

Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Ian Sorbello

Head of Product Technology – Security – HSBC Digital Solutions

Mike Ellis

CEO, ForgeRock
Kirk Pengilly

Kirk Pengilly

One of the founding members of INXS


Peter van Dijk

Managing Director, Galexia

Marta Ganko

Director, Privacy and Data Protection Lead, Cyber Risk Services, Deloitte

Richard Addiscott

Director | IT Planning, Governance & Security, Curtin University

Michael Watson

Pre-Sales Solution Manager, Daon

Victoria Richardson

Chief Strategy Officer, Australian Payments Network

Daniel Raskin

SVP Product Management, ForgeRock

John Donovan

RVP for APJ, ForgeRock

Eve Maler

VP of Innovation & Emerging Technology, ForgeRock

Allan Foster

VP Strategic Partner Enablement, ForgeRock

Andrew Latham

Director, Customer Engineering, ForgeRock

Ashley Stevenson

Office of the CTO, Identity Technology Director, ForgeRock


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